February 2013 Meeting

JCARA, Inc. February, 2013 Minutes


Meeting called to order by V. P. Richard, AF5AQ.

President Kurt, K5KDO absent – Wake for family friend.

Announcement of the Meeting being recorded by Club Secretary, Valerie, N9RQX.

Prayer by Chaplain, Chuck, N9RRI.

Pledge of Allegiance by Richard, AF5AQ.


Quorum declared.


January Minutes read by Secretary, Valerie, N9RQX.

Motion to accept minutes by Nick, K5BQJ; Seconded by Chuck, N9RRI;

Motion carried.

Two visitors; Alan, N5OYL and Chris, KF5RRL.


Treasurer’s Report given by Dan, AE5JG.

Motion to accept report by Chris, K5MOZ; Seconded by Barb, KE5QHZ;

Motion carried.


No Old Business:


V E Activity given by Dan, AE5JG; one Extra Class – both students doing well.


Announcement of next Meeting date:  March 26, 2013.


New Business:


  1. Dan, AE5JG proposes a questionnaire for Members to share likes, dislikes and goals in Ham Radio.
  2. Nick, K5BQJ (and Toxey, W5TMM  and Charlie, N2PKW who weren’t at the meeting) presented a TEN-TEC Transceiver with Voice Readout and a 40 Meter antenna with other accessories including a 35 Amp. Power Supply, donated by Chris, K5MOZ on behalf of the JCARA Club to Valerie, N9RQX  who was speechless!!  Thanks to all involved from this most appreciative Secretary!!


Program presented by Chris, K5MOZ on NTS traffic handling.  The proper format must be used for the message to go through.  Many have learned something new from this Presentation.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Richard, AF5AQ; Motion accepted by Chuck, N9RRI; Seconded by Hank, AE5WU; Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Valerie, N9RQX

JCARA, Inc. Club Secretary

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