February 2014 Meeting

JCARA, Inc. Minutes – February 2014

Meeting Called to Order by President Charlie, N2PKW
Prayer led by Chaplain Chuck N9RRI
Pledge of Allegience led by Charlie, N2PKW


Charlie, N2PKW kicked off the Program with his, “State Of The Onion” address, wherein the status, I. E. Financial State and Activities of the Club, were discussed.  Current issues and concerns, including Repeater status, the need for filling Committee positions, planning, vision and support needed,  in order to follow through with our Activities and Events, were brought up.  The idea is to not overwork one Ham, when several can share the responsibility and fun of accomplishment.  The need of a different location for Field Day also came up.  The desire is for our Families to feel welcome and encouraged to take part in our Activity.  One location, Shepard Park, was mentioned.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Activities were addressed – we need to take a closer look at the Survey taken last year, to find where interests lie in considering future projects.  The goal is to enjoy the Hobby we love.

Dan, AE5JG is to head up the Membership Committee and is the Publicity Chairman.

Officers Absent:

Past President Kurt K5KDO.

Quorum Declared.

Visitors:  James Noble; Vic West, N5YY; Matthew, KD5LOH and Candice Serpa; Gary, KE5ZDW.

Sick Call:  Toxey, W5TMM; Barb, KE5QHZ; Betty, K5QQT; Charlie, N2PKW’s Mom.

November Secretarial Report read by Valerie, N9RQX; Motion to Accept by Dan, AE5JG; Seconded by Nick, K5BQJ; Motion Carried.
December Secretarial Report read by Valerie, N9RQX; Motion to Accept by Dan, AE5JG; Seconded by Chuck, N9RRI; Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report by Charlie, AG5CC; Motion to Accept by Chuck, N9RRI; Seconded by Dan, AE5JG; Motion Carried.

Old Business:

  1. Repeater Update by Nick, K5BQJ.  Nick gave the History of the W5WA Repeater installation and operation.  He brought up an idea in which the 440 and the W5WA Repeater could share a feed line, using a Combiner and Duplexer, thereby eliminating an extra coax cable.  This would also give the 440 an excellent range of coverage.  The N5OS Repeater would be at a different site.
  2. Rental Storage checked out by Richard, AF5AQ.  The most reasonable Facility is located behind a Commercial Store in Vancleave.  It is reported to be dry and has had no flooding issues.  Following a discussion concerning costs and locations, the decision has been passed on to the B O D for a final decision.

V.E. Activity:

None since the Hamfest.  Dan, AE5JG proposed that an email be sent out by the Club Secretary, Valerie, N9RQX to those on her mailing list, to ask if they knew anyone who would like to take classes for Amateur Radio or upgrades, and inform him.  She said yes.

New Business:

  1. Treasurer Charlie, AG5CC informed us that 26 Members have paid their dues.
  2. Dan, AE5JG gave an update on the Round Island QSL Card status.  He is also still taking orders for the Club Shirts.

Next Club Meeting is scheduled for March 25, 2014.

President Charlie, N2PKW called for a Motion to Adjourn meeting.  Motion to Accept by Dave, AF5DQ; Seconded by Nick, K5BQJ; Motion carried; Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Valerie, N9RQX
JCARA, Inc. Club Secretary

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