January 2013 Meeting

JCARA, Inc. January, 2013 Minutes


Meeting called to Order by President Kurt, K5KDO

Prayer by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI

Pledge of Allegiance,


Kurt, K5KDO announced a Program after the Meeting:  Tower Climbing Safety with proper gear by Egan, KF5CXI

And a Net Controller meeting with Chris, K5MOZ.


Quorum Declared; three Visitors and a new Member, Karl, KF5TIH

Sick Call:  Barb, KE5QHZ.


No Minutes from last Meeting to be read.


Announcement of Meeting being Recorded by Secretary.


Treasurer’s Report read by Dan, AE5JG

Motion to Accept Report by Ana, K5EYK; Motion Seconded by Dave, AF5DQ; Motion Carried.


Finance Report by Dan, AE5JG

Motion to Accept by Chuck, N9RRI; Motion Seconded by Bill, K5YG; Motion Carried.


Old Business:


  1. Repeater Update by Nick, K5BQJ – Received QSL Card from Holmes County, FL.With a 5×9 Signal Report!  Anyone with a QSL Card to send?
  2. Find new Site for the EOC Repeater.
  3. 145.110 Repeater Cans re-tuned and well within specs.
  4. With ARES, ARRL recommends reflective Vests for Field Day or Emergency Operations.
  5. Nick, K5BQJ modeled prospective Club Jacket.Taking Orders.
  6. Kurt and Nick’s goals for the year:Get the 440 and the 146.970 Repeaters and antennas up and running.  Checking out new Tower Sites.


V.E. Activity:


Dan, AE5JG reports no testing this Month.  1 Extra Class, 2 students.


New Business:


Richard, AF5AQ suggests shorter Business Meetings with a different Program to follow each Month.  Some ideas were:

  1. Actual Traffic Handling
  2. Radio Quizzes
  3. Proper Grounding Procedures
  4. PSK 31
  5. Slow-Scan TV
  6. Mobile Show and Tell with Swap
  7. Jamboree On The Air – October with the Scouts.


Motion to Adjourn proposed by Kurt, K5KDO

Motion to Adjourn by Chris, K5MOZ; Seconded by David, AF5DQ; Motion Carried.


End Of Meeting


Valerie, N9RQX, Secretary

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