January 2017 Minutes

JCARA, Inc. Club Minutes – January 2017

Meeting Called to Order by President Marilyn, AF5DP
Prayer led by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI
Pledge of Allegiance led by Marilyn, AF5DP

Program: Richard, AF5AQ did a presentation on portable antennas for HF, with a home brew example showing how, with a device called a “Chameleon” he was able to change the electrical length of an antenna for emergency use.

Officers Absent:  Past President Charlie, N2PKW

Visitors: Gil Johnson, AG5IK; Ray Reed, KF5ZUN (not recognized)

Quorum Declared.

Secretary Report by Val, N9RQX;  Motion to Accept by Chuck, N9RRI;  Seconded by Rod, KC5LCW; Motion Carried.

Treasury Report by Lee, K5CUB:  Motion to Accept by Richard, AF5AQ (?);  Seconded by two people at once;  Motion Carried.

Old Business:
1. As per item #1 in October Minutes, under New Business; President Marilyn, AF5DP will amend Club By – Laws, section 4: Dues; to include half price Dues for Members under the age of 16.
2. Repeater Report: Nick, K5BQJ says we’re running out of time for N5OS.

New Business:
1.  Special Event Station for the Vancleave Car Show in April. The exact date will be forth coming.

  1. May Club Picnic. Rod, KC5LCW and Teresa will select the date.
  2. Equipping the E Comm Trailer with needed coax cable, connectors, rope, tie down pegs and other accessories.

Next Meeting – February 28, 2017 same time, same place.

President Marilyn, AF5DP called for a Motion to Adjourn; Motion made by Chuck, N9RRI; Seconded by Richard, AF5AQ; Motion Carried; Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by

Valerie, N9RQX
Club Secretary

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Author: Staff Member