July 2014 Meeting

JCARA, Inc. Club Minutes – July, 2014 Minutes


Meeting Called to Order by President Charlie, N2PKW

Prayer by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI

Pledge of Allegiance led by Charlie, N2PKW


  1. Field Day:  Charlie, N2PKW did a recap of the 2014 Field Day, comparing the number of contacts made by our Class F group this year to earlier years.  We did Good!
  2. Richard, AF5AQ gave a well prepared program on assembling a Pneumatic Line Launcher using needed parts in a show and tell style with clear explanations on step by step assembly and where to obtain parts.  He made a possibly difficult project look easy.

Officers Absent:  Past President Kurt, K5KDO

Quorum Declared

Visitors and New Members:  Neil Holifield, KB5GUN;  new member Danny, KG5CLG and his wife, Rebecca Kilgore

Sick Call:  Dan, AE5JG

Secretarial Report delivered by Val, N9RQX;  Motion to Accept by Nick, K5BQJ;  Seconded by Dean, KF5LWT;  Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report by Charlie, AG5CC;  Motion to Accept by Rod, KC5LCW;  Seconded by Chuck, N9RRI;  Motion Carried.

Old Business:

  1. Repeater Committee:  Nick K5BQJ gave an update on the status of the N5OS and the 440 Repeaters.  He said the proposed sites did not work out, and gave the reasons why.  He proposed a new site located on a crane at Ingalls Shipyard and turned the floor over to Donny, KF5TCW who described the new proposed site at Ingalls, going into detail concerning the problems we might have installing the 440 Repeater.  Parts and prices were brought forth and a proposed Budget for it was Motioned for by Charlie, N2PKW; Motion to Accept the Budget was by Hank, AE5WU; Seconded by Chuck, N9RRI;  Motion Carried.

Nick, K5BQJ brought up a new proposed site for the N5OS Repeater, located on the new Jackson County Water Tower, situated just South of the Coca Cola Plant on Hwy 57.  He will get in contact with the Jackson County Utility District to see if this is feasible.

  1. Ham Fest:  Chris, K5MOZ said no change since last month.

No VE Activity

Next Month’s Meeting:  August 26, 2014

New Business:

  1. ARRL Mississippi State Emergency Test to be conducted on August 09, at 11:00 A.M. and at 2:00 P.M.  A work party is needed at the E.O.C. that morning.
  2. Rod, KC5LCW reminded everyone to keep in mind Officer Nominations.
  3. Club Picnic date is sometime in October.
  4. Club Christmas Party location and date is to be decided at next meeting.

President Charlie, N2PKW called for a Motion to Adjourn;  Accepted by Nick, K5BQJ;  Motion Seconded by Rod, KC5LCW;  Motion Carried, Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by

Valerie, N9RQX
JCARA, Inc. Club Secretary


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