May 2015 Minutes

JCARA, Inc. Club Minutes – May, 2015

Meeting called to Order by President Charlie, N2PKW
Prayer led by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI
Pledge of Allegiance led by Charlie, N2PKW

Program:  Charlie, N2PKW gave a lecture on performance parameters on the receiving side of the transceivers.  He also mentioned different groups of operators and their operating habits.  He brought out what to look for in selecting radio equipment, described the unit of measurement called the decibel and went into the layouts of the older, newer and future receiver stages.

Don, KA5DON gave a rule of thumb:  Choose a radio that you can listen to for hours and that fits your operating needs.  If you are not sure of what type of operation, choose one that does the most, within your budget.

Officers Absent:  Past President Kurt, K5KDO

Quorum Declared

No Visitors

No Sick Call

Secretarial Report by Valerie, N9RQX;  Motion to Accept by Larry, K5LGP;  Seconded by Chuck, N9RRI;  Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report by Charlie, AG5CC;  Motion to Accept by Chuck, N9RRI;  Seconded by Rod, KC5LCW;  Motion Carried.

Old Business:
1.  Repeater Committee:  Nick, K5BQJ said equipment failure at Ingalls has delayed the installation of the antenna cable.  The equipment failure must be handled first.  Prayer was invited.
2.  Em Comm Trailers:  Larry, K5LGP said the first trailer is nearly finished.
3.  Club Picnic:  A big, “Thank You!” to Rod, KC5LCW and Teresa, his wife,  for an enjoyable picnic.
4.  VE Activity:  Amy, KF5YRP passed her General exam.  Congratulations!
5.  Hamfest:  No new update.
6.  Contact information requested from anyone who is not receiving Club information emails.

Next Meeting:  St. Martin Community Center on June 30, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

New Business:
1.  Classes for Technician and General will be held at M.G.C.C.C. in Gautier, starting in July.  See Charlie, N2PKW to sign up.
2.  Field Day:  Richard, AF5AQ  announced the dates:  June 27 and 28, at the same location as last year:  Jackson County E O C Building in Vancleave with setup on Friday, June 26th.

President Charlie, N2PKW called for a Motion to Adjourn:  Motion made by Richard, AF5AQ;  Seconded by Nick, K5BQJ;  Motion Carried;  Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by

Valerie, N9RQX
Club Secretary


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