October 2017 Minutes

JCARA, Inc. Club Minutes – October 31, 2017

Meeting Called to Order by President Marilyn, AF5DP
Prayer led by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI
Pledge of Allegiance led by President Marilyn, AF5DP

Program delayed

Visitors:  New Member: Jonathan Galle, KG5UGR

Officers Absent:  Past President Charlie, N2PKW

Quorum Declared

Sick Call:  Charlie, N2PKW; Gil, AG5IK

Program:  Lloyd, WB5HUP did a presentation on “Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network”. This is a low power emergency communication mode, using line of sight, employs “nodes” in a step by step communication across distances. These “nodes” can be branched off to make a “mesh” network for greater coverage. The equipment is inexpensive and the software is free.

Secretarial Report read by Val, N9RQX:  Motion Accepted by Chuck, N9RRI; Seconded by Richard, AF5AQ; Motion Carried.

Treasury Report by Lee, K5CUB: Motion to Accept by Richard, AF5AQ;  Seconded by Nick, K5BQJ;  Motion Carried.

Old Business:
1.  Repeater Report: Nick, K5BQJ says both Repeaters are working fine.
2.  Board Nominations: As of this date: for Vice President – Steven, KB5YPJ; for President – Lloyd, WB5HUP.
3. List of Emergency Nets not yet initiated.
4. Laurence, K9EYZ said the Boy Scout Jamboree On The Air went well. Everyone made contacts, including some Cub Scouts. He thanked the Club for their participation.
5. Christmas Party Confirmed.
6. Hamfest: Dates are November 17 th and 18 th with Chris, K5MOZ saying most of the tables are taken. Help is needed for set-up and with vendors.
7.  Donation Boxes: There will be a Donation Box at the November Club Meeting and at the Christmas Party.

No New Business:

Next Club Meeting will be Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at the St. Martin Community Center.

President Marilyn, AF5DP called for a Motion to Adjourn Meeting; Motion made by Richard, AF5AQ; Seconded by Nick, K5BQJ; Motion Carried; Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by

Valerie, N9RQX
Club Secretary


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Author: Staff Member