September 2014 Minutes

JCARA, Inc. Club Minutes – September, 2014



Meeting called to Order by President Charlie, N2PKW
Prayer by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI
Pledge of Allegiance led by Charlie, N2PKW



  1. Charlie, AG5CC gave a presentation on the “Buddy Pole” giving the cost and performance characteristics.  It’s portability and versatility are big advantages.  This is a great antenna for field operation.  Many in Europe are using it to great advantage.
  2. Kurt, K5KDO gave a DVD presentation on weather conditions that can be expected for our area among others, for fall and winter…BRRR!  The amount of sun spots has an effect on the heating or cooling of the earth, affecting our cloud cover.


All Officers Present
Quorum Declared

Everyone introduced themselves by name and call sign in turn.


Visitors and New Members:


Larry Peoples, KG5CDK; David Townsend, KG5DWL; Charles Rosenstiehl;  new members Bob Chatel, AG4YA Garry Hill, KD5ZDQ and Steven Hanshaw, KB5YPJ.


Sick Call:  None


Secretarial Report:


Given by Valerie, N9RQX;  Motion to Accept by Dan, AE5JG; Seconded by Chris, K5MOZ; Motion Carried.


Treasurer’s Report:


Given by Charlie, AG5CC;  Motion to Accept by Chuck, N9RRI; Seconded by Dan,  AE5JG;  Motion Carried.

Addendum:  Officers must sign new signature card for the savings account.


Old Business:

  1. Repeater Committee:   Nick, K5BQJ gave us great news!  Both the N5OS and the KC5LCW Repeaters will be mounted on the crane at Ingalls Shipbuilding, thanks to the help of Kurt, K5KDO and Donnie, KF5TCW.  The goal is to have them installed and operational in a couple of months.  Nick explained the purpose and function of all three Repeaters to the new members and visitors.
  2. Hamfest: Chris, K5MOZ reported that we have two tables left.
  3. Club Picnic:  October 18 at the Vancleave Sports Arena.  Rod, KC5LCW and his wife, Teresa, will supply hot dogs and hamburgers. A reminder email will be sent one week before the 18th  inviting side dish contributions.
  4. Dan, AE5JG is still receiving QSL cards from the Round Island Lighthouse Event.
  5. Boy Scouts Merit Badge University, October 24th to 26th with emails to be sent out requesting volunteers for this activity.


No V.E. Activity


Next Meeting:


October 28, 2014, at the St. Martin Community Center.


New Business:

  1. A proposed Fox Hunt to go along with next year’s Club Family Picnic.  A license is not needed in order to participate.
  2. Rod, KC5LCW reminded all to get Officer Nominations turned in to him prior to October’s Club Meeting.  Club Secretary will send out reminder emails to the Members In Good Standing


Charlie, N2PKW called for a Motion to Adjourn;  Chris, K5MOZ made the Motion; Seconded by  Nick, K5BQJ;  Motion Carried, Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by

Valerie, N9RQX
JCARA, Inc. Club Secretary


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