September 2015 Minutes

JCARA, Inc. Club Minutes – September, 2015



Meeting Called to Order by Charlie, N2PKW

Prayer led by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI

Pledge of Allegiance led by Charlie, N2PKW

Program:  Don, KA5DON reported that among the eleven stations that participated in the Hurricane Katrina Tenth Anniversary Event, over 20,000 contacts were made during the 7 day period!  During the course of the Event, it was discovered that the E com Trailer number 1 could be picked up and set up with a tri-bander beam antenna and be fully operational in less than an hour, as reported by Richard, AF5AQ.  An added bonus:  Senator Roger Wicker and his wife, Gail, made several contacts and had a good time.  Our Club that represented Pascagoula, K5A, made 1,576 contacts with the combined efforts of Charlie, N2PKW; Charlie, AG5CC; Lee, N5JUM; Larry, K5LGP; and, of course, Don, KA5DON and others who helped out in many other ways.  Another Katrina Event is planned for sometime in the future but won’t last as long.  Don says don’t be afraid to volunteer.  Several other Events were discussed, at which our Club could take part.

Officers Absent:  Past President Kurt, K5KDO

Quorum Declared

No Visitors

No Sick Call

Secretarial Report by Valerie, N9RQX:  Motion to Accept by Chuck, N9RRI;  Seconded by Richard, AF5AQ;  Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report by Charlie, AG5CC:  Motion to Accept by Don, KA5DON;  Seconded by Larry, K5LGP;  motion Carried.

Old Business:

1.  Repeater Committee:  Nick, K5BQJ did research online and ordered four parts that, when installed, will put the 440 Repeater in operation.
2.  Senator Roger Wicker’s Public Relations people received local video and still pictures to support his F.C.C. Parity Act, which he is sponsoring.
3.  Report on E com Trailers:  Charlie, N2PKW informed the Club of Larry, K5LGP’s resignation as Chairman.  He did a bang up job, staying well within budget.  Charlie will be looking for another E com Trailer Chairman.
4.  VE Activity:  Two tested and both passed.  One new Tech and one new Extra.
5.  Hamfest:  Richard, AF5AQ said there are 12 or 13 tables yet unspoken for but Charlie, N2PKW says for us not to worry.  From his past experience, we are right where we belong.
6.  Officer Nominations:  Charlie, N2PKW said all Officer Positions are open.  Nominations are in October, Elections are in November.
7.  Inquiry was made concerning bank card signatures.  Considerations included cashing out the C. D. at Charter Bank and depositing it into a savings account which will draw more interest than the C. D. did.
8.  Club Patches:  Richard, AF5AQ still has several left.  Get them while you can.

Next Club Meeting is October 27, 2015.

New Business:
1.  ICOM has a new radio just out in Japan.  It has not been tested for American Hams yet.
2.  Digital SSTV:  Nick, K5BQJ and Don, KA5DON plan on sending pictures and messages via 2 meter radio as an exercise for emergency use to Hams that have the appropriate equipment and program.  Plans are for Sunday evening.
3.  Teresa, KF5PPK has a list of emergency frequencies.  She said she would make it available for those interested.
4.  Don, KA5DON announced that the American Legion Post 1992 has it’s Vanity Call Sign: K5TAL.  The Amateur Radio station they plan on installing will be called, “The American Legion Post 1992 Jim Leist Memorial Amateur Radio Station.”

President Charlie, N2PKW called for Motion to Adjourn Meeting;  Motion to Accept by Larry, K5LGP;  Seconded by Chuck, N9RRI;  Motion Carried;  Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by

Valerie N9RQX
JCARA, Inc. Club Secretary



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