JCARA Field Day 2018

JCARA  operated Field Day on June 23 through June 24 at the Vancleave High School.

It was a *warm* weekend here in South Mississippi. With a nice sea breeze blowing the heat was tolerable…just. That being said after 5p.m it cooled down and was quite nice.

A great turnout for our club and the radios (An old Kenwood TS440SAT, and a still old, but newer Kenwood TS450 ) were utilized. Both radios were in virtually constant use through-out the entire weekend. Antennas were a G5RV and a “Carolina Windom”. The windom was courtesy of Bill Musa.

Laurence, K9EYZ brought out his satellite comunication gear. Only a couple of satellites passed over but he did manage a couple of contacts. He needs to demo this at a meeting sometime. Very interesting stuff. Especially those “Egg-Beater” antennas.

I haven’t as yet calculated our point score.. but I know from past experience we didn’t break any records. We did however have a lot of fun.

The EMCOMM trailer is air conditioned…. I did not know that.  It was popular. On a side note, the expected mosquitoes did NOT arrive. However just before sunrise, just after the Red Fox scooted by to cross the highway, a swarm of no-see-ums  did make an appearance for about 45 minutes.  Another side note: Germx hand sanitizer will NOT repel them. It will kill them if you suffocate them with it.

Tried a new method of networking. We used the AREDN mesh network to connect the logging laptops at various locations wirelessly. And we had two Voice over IP telephones in use. That made comms easy with the trailer and Gazebo locations. All seemed to work well. Couple of minor hardware issues but no show stoppers.

We also combined FD with our club picnic to help increase interest. Much thanks to Theresa, Marilyn and others (whom I can’t recall) for the tasty pasta salad an potato salads and baked beans.. and CHICKEN… Lots of chicken.  A fine meal and snacks. As one of the operators… I can attest that the chicken was good even at 3 a.m.

Below is a slideshow of some pictures of our efforts at Field Day.  The location was very public, seen by thousands of folks that passed by on Highway 57.
I will update/edit this post as more details become available.

73, WB5HUP

Interview by local news televison station WXXV Channel 25.



Some images from our Fun Day, I mean Field day 2018!

Here is a link to our press release sent to news outlets this year.


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Author: Lloyd Kirk (WB5HUP)