September 2018 Meeting Minutes

JCARA, Inc. Club Minutes, September 25, 2018

Meeting Called to Order by President Lloyd, WB5HUP

Pledge of Allegiance by Lloyd

Prayer led by Chaplain Chuck, N9RRI

No Program

All Officers Present

Quorum Declared

No Visitors

No Sick Call

Secretary Report by Valerie, N9RQX; Motion to Accept Report by Chuck, N9RRI; Seconded by Rod, KC5LCW; Motion Carried

Treasury Report by Lee, K5CUB; Motion to Accept Report by Nick, K5BQJ; Seconded by Mike, KG5KSA; Motion Carried

Old Business:

  1. Repeater Committee: Nick, K5BQJ paid the dues to the Southeast Repeater Association; Repeater is working fine. Richard, AF5AQ brought up the necessity of a new Repeater Trustee, to be trained by Nick, K5BQJ.

  2. No VE Activity

  3. Next Meeting is October 30th at 7PM, St. Martin Community Center

New Business:

  1. President Lloyd will take the Coffee Mess for October

  2. Christmas Party confirmed: December 04, 2018 @ 6:00 PM at The Country Gentleman Restaurant, Gautier, MS

  3. Treasurer Lee, K5CUB brought up a choice of options for the Club to decide which CD plan to adopt. Richard, AF5AQ made a Motion to accept the 23 Month @ 2.5% interest plan; Seconded by Chuck, N9RRI; after discussion, Motion Carried.

  4. Hamfest Dates confirmed: Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th with VE Testing at 10:00 AM on Saturday.

  5. A reminder of October Nominations and November Elections of Officers for 2019

  6. Update of the Membership Roster on the Web Site. President Lloyd, WB5HUP will see to it.

  7. Chris, K5MOZ has a list of SK Charlie Carney’s equipment for sale, for anyone interested.

President Lloyd, WB5HUP called for a motion to Adjourn; Motion Accepted by Marilyn, AF5DP; Seconded by Nick, K5BQJ; Motion Carried; Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by


JCARA, Inc. Club Secretary

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Author: Staff Member