December 2019 Meeting Minutes

JCARA Inc. Club Minutes

December 2019


Meeting called to order by Lloyd WB5HUP

Prayer led by Chuck N9RRI

Pledge of Allegiance led by Lloyd WB5HUP

All Officers Present

Quorum Declared

Presentation: Valerie N9RQX played Christmas carols on the Piano


Old Business:

  1. Laurence K9EYZ will take over net control duties for the Wednesday night ARES net.

New Business:

  1. Nick K5BQJ was awarded Ham of the Year.
  2. Lloyd WB5HUP was given a plaque for his two years serving as club president.
  3. The 2020 JCARA officers;

President, Charlie N2PKW

Vice President, John KJ4NJT

Treasurer, Mike KG5VXY

Secretary, Robert KM4EWZ

Motion to close by Chuck N9RRI. 2nd by Valerie N9RQX. Motion Carried.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Bob Vigne KB8VND

JCARA Inc. Club Secretary

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Author: Bob Vigne