Club History

The Jackson County Amateur Radio Association was started by the two clubs in Jackson County, Mississippi. The East Jackson County and West Jackson County clubs mereged to make a bigger and stronger club for the support of the county and the amateurs in the area. Through the worst the Gulf Coast can toss at JCARA, our members have stood tall and never failed to get the message through. Our site is full of information about ham radio, emergency communications and the Gulf Coast. Please join us often and let us know what you think of this site.

JCARA / W5WA is an Amateur Radio Club centered around leadership, support and learning the ways and means of better radio communications. We fully support all emergency and communication efforts in the Jackson County area, the State of Mississippi and the United States of America. JCARA is proud to be the winners of the 2009 Field Day 2AMS class station and look forward to helping you exceed in any amateur radio needs you may have.

When the Jackson County Amateur Radio Association was formed by the two amateur radio clubs in Jackson County, MS, our goal was to better serve the public and all amateur radio operators in the area. With the two clubs joining in 2003 things along the Gulf Coast have been hard hit with hurricanes and other hardships. But the club is growing into a strong amateur radio association.

We are very blessed to have members that are truly at the forefront of many different aspects of ham radio. It is hard to go to a meeting or get on the repeaters and not find someone who has a vast working knowledge of DX, antennas, home brewing, kit building, CW, slow scan TV and other digital modes, including VHF/UHF DXing. A full list is hard to compile.

We also have traffic nets, monthly presentations and boast membership from five counties and three states. All of whom come together when the chips are down and serve the public with their full hearts and minds.

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